5 Things to Do When Starting a New Job to Prepare for Success

After the excitement of landing a job begins to fade, an entirely new set of emotions set in. As you get closer to actually starting your new job, the jitters, insecurities and uncertainties begin to loom. These feelings can be distracting, exciting and even motivating depending on the individual.

In the days leading up to your first day at the firm, you may find yourself twiddling your thumbs in anticipation. Thankfully, there are some prudent tasks that can make use of that nervous energy. Here are 5 helpful tips for starting a new job that will prepare you to hit the ground running.

1. Connect With Your Boss

This is a big one. If you didn’t have the opportunity to meet your direct supervisor in person during the interview process, reach out via email and coordinate with them. An on-site meeting is best, but a video call will work as well.

Take a few moments to introduce yourself, get acquainted and establish some basic expectations for your first weeks on the job. This conversation will serve as a useful icebreaker for both of you as you begin to understand each other’s personalities.

2. Get to Know the Firm

Just like you did before the interview, do some research. Get to know the firm you’ll be joining: What are they known for? What are their core values? How do they stack up against the competition? What is their value proposition to their clients? What characterizes the company culture?

In addition to perusing their corporate website, don’t be afraid to delve into third-party sources like GlassDoor, Indeed, and the BBB for unfiltered intel on the workplace. Getting comfortable in your new role will be much easier if you know what to expect from your peers and the workplace dynamic. Work with the recruiter who helped you find the job to get some intel.

3. Perform a Test Run

Whenever you start a new job, you want to minimize the variables on your first day. A few days beforehand, test out the commute to the office. Make sure to account for traffic or public transit schedules during rush hour, if applicable. If your job is hybrid or remote, ensure you have reliable internet access, the proper conferencing software and a high-quality webcam.

It will calm your nerves even further to plan out your outfit for your first couple days on the job. When you wake up (a few minutes early) to start your new job, you will have one less thing to worry about.

4. Start Strong

First impressions make a difference. During your first few hours at your new workplace, you will encounter potentially dozens of people for the very first time. Take advantage of this opportunity to put the best “you” forward. Project confidence in your handshake and tone of voice, but remain approachable with a welcoming smile. These two pointers alone will leave a lasting impression on the majority of your co-workers.

In addition to establishing a habit of punctuality, make an effort to over-deliver on your first few projects. Create a positive precedent for yourself by being a reliable and diligent colleague.

5. Get Comfortable

Getting comfortable in a new role takes practice and intentionality. The best way to create a smooth transition is by mitigating roadblocks and ambiguity early in the process. Be proactive in asking questions about your role, the required software and permissions, and any internal procedures. These clarifications will be welcomed in your first few days, and you will set the stage for an open dialogue. If you wait until you have tried and failed to figure things out on your own, you may risk appearing faulty or behind.

Establish rhythms that work for you. Figure out where you will store your gym clothes, which lunch spot has fast service, and whose emails you should reply to immediately. Be observant and coachable as you settle in and your transition will feel natural.

Discover More Workplace Insights

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