Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Build Day

AP Professionals of Rochester expanded our services from recruiting to construction when we participated in a Flower City Habitat for Humanity Build! We painted, cleaned, installed sub-floors and bridge supports, tiled kitchen back-splashes, and more. It was a great opportunity to give back to the Greater Rochester Area in a new way.

AP Professionals volunteer at Habitat for Humanity

The AP Rochester office got involved in Habitat for Humanity after a few recruiters participated in various “Leaders Build” days. Jennifer Garigen, Engineering and Operations Division Director, and Matt Taylor, President, were among the AP leaders who volunteered most recently.

“AP Build Day”

Matt’s experience with the Leaders Build series motivated him to get involved with Habitat further. Now, he is on the Board of Directors and a member or the Volunteer Experience Committee. His increasing involvement inspired an “AP Build Day.”  AP Build Day encouraged the entire Rochester office to volunteer a little elbow grease. Grateful for the unanimous excitement and support of a day of physical labor, Matt shared his thanks to the Rochester Office:

“A BIG “thank you” to my fellow co-workers in participating in this Build Day. Not only are you the best recruiters in town, but you can add grouting, sanding, and painting to your repertoire!”

Flower City Habitat for Humanity

We were grateful for the opportunity to get out of the office and roll up our sleeves in benefit of a great non-profit organization. Flower City Habitat for Humanity has brought Rochester communities together since 1984 by building homes and hope. In 2013 they celebrated their 200th house build, and as of 2017 they completed 225 new homes in Rochester. We were proud to be a part of these accomplishments and such a strong mission!

We encourage all to think about volunteering for Habitat individually or as a company for a fun, out-of-the-office team building day. For information on how to volunteer, visit the Flower City Habitat for Humanity website. To view all of our AP Build Day photos, visit our Facebook page.