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AP Professionals
January 17, 2024
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AP Professionals is partnering with a local manufacture in search of skilled CNC Machinists. Currently seeking various skill levels on 2nd shift. Looking for CNC Machinists to operate a diverse range of conventional and/or CNC machine tools to manufacture precise parts and/or instruments. Apply expertise in mechanics, mathematics, metal properties, layout, and machining procedures. Ensure product quality through meticulous inspection of precision parts to meet specified print requirements.



  • Interpret blueprints, program readouts, and technical directives to identify materials and cutting tools. Visualize finished parts with attention to critical surfaces, dimensions, and tolerances.
  • Perform basic machine setups efficiently.
  • Follow detailed instructions for blueprint dimensions, sequence of machine operations, feeds and speeds, tools, alignment processes, and predetermined machined dimensions.
  • Align parts in the machine using prescribed methods and reference points. Maintain a clean workspace, ensuring materials and machine components are free of chips and particles.
  • Recognize issues such as defective tooling, improper coolant flow, the need for speed/feed adjustments, machine malfunctions, or dimensional deviations. Take corrective action by adjusting machines, tools, or fixtures, or seek assistance from higher-level machinists.
  • Utilize measuring instruments (micrometers, height and depth gages, indicators, scales, snap/plug/bore/ring gages) to achieve and maintain critical dimensions and tolerances during machining.
  • Verify dimensions' accuracy using measuring instruments and maintain them through fixtures or preset machine stops, aligning with allowed tolerances.
  • Apply basic trade mathematics, including plane geometry, trigonometric functions, and machinist handbook formulas.
  • Work under supervision, requiring guidance and training for skill development.


  • Operate a diverse range of advanced machine tools, utilizing standard attachments like rotary tables, magnetic chucks, gear changing boxes, angular drive heads, taper attachments, and universal milling attachments.
  • Demonstrate intermediate skills in precision work on intricately configured parts with close tolerances between interrelated surfaces.
  • Plan and execute work based on blueprints, work sheets, and drawings, even in cases where information may be missing or incorrect.
  • Proficiently operate CNC machine tools, manually adjusting coolant flow, speeds, feeds, and programming stops for dimensional checks or minor adjustments. Edit CNC programs to ensure alignment with drawing specifications.
  • Possess knowledge of various metals, alloys, and materials, enabling the selection of appropriate cutting tools and determination of correct machine feeds and speeds for the job.
  • Demonstrate intermediate proficiency in trade mathematics, encompassing plane geometry, trigonometric functions, and machinist handbook formulas.
  • Provide training to Machinist Level I on fundamental to intermediate machining processes.


  • Perform a comprehensive range of machining operations on various conventional or CNC machine tools and their attachments.
  • Possess extensive knowledge of diverse metals to achieve desired cuts and finishes on each material.
  • Demonstrate advanced skills in determining work procedures, selecting machines, tools, equipment, and attachments, choosing raw stock, sequencing machining operations, and setting speeds and feeds for required finishes and tolerances.
  • Set up, operate, and debug programs on a variety of CNC machine tools.
  • Understand various machine controls and make manual inputs to ensure accurate dimensional tolerances.
  • Have advanced knowledge of trade mathematics, including plane geometry, trigonometric functions, and machinist handbook formulas.
  • Establish necessary dimensions for tasks like chasing threads, machining angular surfaces, locating and marking surfaces and angles, and performing layout work for accurate job setups on conventional or CNC machine tools.
  • Manufacture entire items, completing all machining operations and performing precision handwork (filing, scraping, lapping) to fit, assemble, and finish machined parts.
  • Expertise in using advanced precision instruments such as vernier calipers, height gages, squares, protractors, micrometers, surface gages, v-blocks, parallel bars, gage blocks, dial indicators, optical and mechanical comparators, ring, bore, plug, and go/no-go thread gages to attain accurate dimensions and maintain tolerances.
  • Provide basic, intermediate, and advanced training to Machinist Level I and II on various machine tools. Offer assistance to others in intermediate to complex machining processes, programming edits, and problem-solving.


  • Operate conventional or CNC machines in automatic and semiautomatic mode, making logical decisions at each program stop to manually input, adjust, or complete instructions for a quality finished product.
  • Exhibit the highest level of skill in simultaneously operating multiple machines with exceptional quality and productivity.
  • Apply advanced critical thinking and ingenuity in selecting and applying tooling and fixturing to maximize quality and productivity.
  • Perform machining processes requiring special adaptation of equipment or processes not specifically designed for the task.
  • Utilize special or improvised tools, fixtures, and setups to machine unusual surface configurations, such as curved surfaces, closely interrelated dimensions, or surfaces with compound angular relationships.
  • Possess skills in programming machining operations, setting up and operating CNC machine tools, and reading CNC programs line by line to predict and correct potential process failures.
  • Recommend changes to CNC machine tool programs, coordinate with parts programmers or toolmakers, and critique part designs for design modifications.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of software, machining sequence, processing time, inspection requirements, and operations of CNC machines to assist engineering personnel in developing software complementing equipment specifications and procurement.
  • Exhibit expertise in selecting metrology equipment and ensuring proper use for repeatable results.
  • Possess thorough knowledge of advanced shop mathematics, using geometry and trigonometric formulas for computing compound angles, angular indexing, hole patterns, pitch lead, and pitch diameters for various threads.
  • Skillfully perform work assignments requiring untried tasks or procedures, such as machining rare metals or new metal alloys, involving determining the best tooling material, tool types, coolants, and machine feeds and speeds.
  • Apply knowledge of the effect and relationship of heat treating, annealing, plating, welding, and related processes on various machining operations.
  • Serve as a subject matter expert in a broad spectrum of machine tools.
  • Provide training, assist others with complex machining processes, programming edits, and problem-solving. Act as a mentor and coach, sharing knowledge, advice, and assistance with team members.


  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • Associate’s degree in Advance Manufacturing/Machining desired

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics

  • Basic computer skills; knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel is a plus.
  • Possess basic computer skills, with knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel considered advantageous.
  • Achieve daily/weekly production targets consistently.
  • Adhere to all company policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Consistently apply sound quality assurance principles by following department processes and procedures.
  • Collaborate effectively with all team members.
  • Engage in multitasking and work-related activities to optimize productivity.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn and actively participate in the operation and development of equipment within the cell.
  • Take an active role in Continuous Improvement initiatives and 5-S projects, contributing to enhanced operations and cost reduction.
  • Contribute ideas to reduce scrap and rework, actively participating in activities related to the improvement of Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ).
  • Exhibit a readiness to work overtime and different shifts as required to meet productivity requirements and customer expectations.
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