Meet the Consultants: AP Outsource – Accounting & Finance

At AP Professionals, we pride ourselves on finding the best candidate-to-firm matches in the Rochester area that promote mutual growth and success. As your hometown consultants, we have had our finger on the local hiring market for over 25 years. We established a fruitful and expansive network of qualified candidates along the way.

Recently, we have expanded our service offering! We are so excited to introduce AP Outsource: a new initiative that pairs firms in need of a short- or long-term project consultant with a qualified in-house professional from AP. When a finance or accounting professional leaves big shoes to fill, finding the right replacement can be tricky. This is where AP Outsource comes in.

Our in-house finance and accounting consultants have decades of experience in the industry. Our team continuously proves their ability to immediately add value to a new team. Keep reading to get to know two of our top-tier consultants.

Accounting: Maureen Randolph

Maureen is an in-house Accounting Consultant for AP, a role to which she brings enthusiasm and decades of experience in the accounting field.

Maureen holds a B.S. degree in Accounting and an A.S. in Business Administration from the State University of New York College at Geneseo. She grew up in Metropolitan New York and settled in Rochester in 1988. Prior to joining AP Professionals as a Consultant, Maureen worked in the accounting field for 35 years. She also worked for publicly traded, private equity and privately owned companies. Maureen is experienced in areas of general accounting, financial reporting, cash management, Sarbanes-Oxley §404, budgeting, real estate, and SEC filings, where she personally wrote “the Qs and Ks.”

Maureen is excited by the unknown, making her role as a consultant a perfect fit. She prides herself on going into a company and adding value. Maureen is adept at grounds-up projects. She can utilize her expertise to plan, build a model, think through concepts, and make sense of systems. She has learned that sometimes all a project needs is a little bit of experience and global thinking.

Finance: Andy Gates

Andy serves as AP Professionals’ in-house Corporate Finance Consultant, bringing decades of experience in IT Finance, Planning & Analysis and Accounting to his roles.

Andy holds a B.S. degree in Marketing Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from St. Bonaventure University. Prior to joining AP Professionals as a consultant, Andy worked as a Finance Manager for Kodak Alaris. Then, he excelled as an Account Business Finance Manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He also spent many years in Finance roles for Electronic Data Systems. While in graduate school, he taught high school marketing. 

Sitting side-by-side with IT professionals for so many years and now having consulted for several companies, Andy has developed an affinity for understanding and quickly adapting to companies’ financial reporting systems. He has the ability to teach those systems to employees and managers who use them regularly, but may have overlooked details of their functions. He has a deep knowledge of Excel, and clients call on him to automate manual functionality and reduce data mining time for their staff so they can focus on value-added analysis. Andy’s approach to working with a new client is to understand their processes and systems. He gets to know the operations leaders and leaves the finance function in a better position than he found it. He enjoys consulting for the variety it presents and for the people he gets to meet along the way.

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Written By:

Mark Pautler

Mark is the Founder of AP Professionals of Rochester. Mark founded AP in 1996, and has recruited and sold in the staffing industry since 1987. Mark also has ownership in our Buffalo, Arizona and Portland, OR offices.

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