Networking Tips For Building a Stronger Career

Networking has always been crucial for professional success. The digital era only grows more fast-paced, and both virtual work models and AI technology are revolutionizing what modern networking can be.

Given what we’ve learned in nearly 30 years and the insights we’ve gleaned from our talent network, here are our top networking tips for making a splash in today’s world.

Tap Into Virtual Networking

Virtual interactions have become more popular in recent years, so it makes sense that professional networking has gone that route as well. Online networking allows people to engage with communities they never would have locally. Technology has also grown more powerful, making virtual webinars, conferences, and forums more successful. 

A recent study found that 84% of people prefer to conduct their meetings remotely. With how convenient and sophisticated virtual networking has become, this is hardly a surprise.

Focus On Personal Relationships

While it may sound contradictory given the popularity of virtual networking, our increasingly-automated world has had many of us craving genuine relationships.

When expanding your network, focus on the quality of your interactions rather than quantity. Take time to research, listen, and ask great questions of the people you connect with. Show interest in their work and them as people beyond what they can do for you professionally. While the end goal is to build a lasting professional relationship, nobody wants to feel like a means to an end.

Develop Your Soft Skills

Increasingly, companies are realizing that employees with impressive experience or qualifications are not necessarily good personality fits. Communication, adaptability, emotional intelligence, and empathy are becoming much more appreciated in today’s workplaces. Employers are recognizing the value of soft skills.

Networking provides a fantastic place to showcase your soft skills. Practice active listening, building rapport, empathy, and having a positive attitude during your interactions – they will help you stand out and strengthen your professional relationships.

Keep Up With the Job Market

Whether it’s the latest professional insights, social media trends, or what industry thought leaders are saying, it’s important to engage with the job market. After all, if you don’t know what’s going on in the industry you inhabit, how can you expect to thrive there?

There are many ways to keep up with the latest industry trends while networking. Engaging with LinkedIn influencers, subscribing to company newsletters, and attending conferences are just a few ways to maintain an active professional network.

Explore Niche Networking Opportunities

If you had told someone ten years ago that they could network on a platform like Reddit, chances are they wouldn’t have believed you. Keep an open mind and tap into niche networking opportunities. These networks can provide creative insights and opportunities for career growth that their more mainstream counterparts may not even be aware of.

Take Networking By Storm With AP

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