3 Things Any Great Candidate Needs to Succeed

In today’s competitive job market, it takes a lot more than a strong resume to stand out and succeed. Employers want candidates to demonstrate a unique blend of skills in the job interview process and beyond. But what are these skills, exactly?

1. Be Prepared for Interviews

More frequently, employers are taking chances on candidates who don’t have the professional qualifications but demonstrate a willingness to learn and do the research. Candidates can demonstrate preparedness from the moment they secure an interview. Thoroughly researching the company’s mission and determining good interview questions to ask are great ways to stand out from the crowd. You really can’t be too thorough.

Practicing for your interview can also help you articulate your thoughts more clearly. Recording a mock interview of yourself may feel embarrassing at first, but it’s a great way to identify areas where you stumble or need to refine your answers.

What to bring to an interview changes with each organization, but generally it is recommended that you bring resume copies, identification, a work portfolio, a list of references, writing utensils, paper and your pre-written questions.

2. Show Strong Communication Skills

Communication goes both ways. It is not only the ability to effectively articulate your ideas, but to actively listen to colleagues and provide meaningful answers. In fact, 64% of HR professionals see listening as the most crucial leadership skill.

When communicating with a prospective employer or colleague, strive to be clear, concise and willing to answer clarifying questions. For work-related questions or when demonstrating your skills, provide specific examples and avoid rambling.

Finally, don’t forget about nonverbal communication. Your body language, such as your posture and amount of eye contact, exhibits confidence and authority. Whether you’re giving a big presentation or thanking the job interviewer for their time, nonverbal communication is a professional game-changer.

3. Demonstrate Adaptability

Companies are continually growing and adapting, so it’s expected that the best workers are able to do the same. Employers seek candidates who can ride the waves of change, bounce back from failures and proactively work to grow their skills.

Consider moments in your career where you had to develop a new skill or learn from failure. What was your in-the-moment reaction, and how did that evolve over time? Is there anything you could have changed about how you handled the situation? Other questions to consider are how you incorporate feedback, times you went above and beyond and what you have learned from past mistakes.

Top candidates are also flexible during project or organizational shifts. The ability to handle ambiguity and demonstrate problem-solving skills during uncertain periods are valuable traits in a dynamic workplace.

Succeed At Every Stage of Your Career Journey

The combination of preparation, communication and adaptability is unparalleled in the modern work environment. Strive to develop these skills and become one of the most sought-after candidates on the job market.

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