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Interview Tips

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For over twenty-five years, AP Professionals has been helping people prepare for interviews. We have compiled a list of resources to assist you in preparation. We find it’s helpful to review this before any interview, even if you have several years of experience interviewing in the past. It is always a good idea to refresh. A quick review can make you feel more prepared and confident.

Interview Questions

We have complied potential interview questions to help you get started whether you are facilitating the interview or going through the interview process.

Resume Writing

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If your resume lacks distinction, take a few days to recall the achievements in your career (almost a report card on yourself). You’ll find things about yourself that you might not have included in your most current resume. Be patient in this process, it’s your career you’re thinking about. Remember, it’s not what you’re responsible for that gets you a job (your peers have the identical responsibilities), it’s what you do well within your responsibilities that separates the winners from the losers. We have also come up with some additional do’s and don’ts to help you.

Job Seekers' FAQ

Learn about what it is like to partner with AP Professionals in your job search. Read our job seekers’ frequently asked questions, and let us help you find your next great opportunity. If you still have questions, get in touch with a Recruiter directly at (585) 381-7350.

Getting Started

Apply directly to one of our available job opportunities or submit your resume generally. If your background is a match for the types of opportunities we offer, a Recruiter will call you to collect more information about your job search requirements.

You may call our office at (585) 381-7350 and one of our Recruiters will be happy to assist you.

Job seekers are never charged a fee or required to sign a contract to register with AP ProfessionalsIf you are actively seeking new employment, we anticipate that you will continue to search for and apply to positions on your own. We encourage you to do so! Our services should supplement your job search.

We offer professional level part time and full time employment with our client partners on a direct hire, contract-to-hire, and contract basis within the following specialties: Accounting and FinanceAdministrativeEngineering and Operations, and Human Resources.

On a direct hire basis, you are considered an employee of our client partner upon start – just as if you applied to and accepted the position on your own. On a contract-to-hire or contract basis, you are considered an employee of AP Professionals. Contract-to-hire allows you and the client a trial period of typically 90 days to assess mutual long-term fit before hire. Contract employment has many benefits as well; read about them here.

AP Professionals of Rochester exclusively services the greater Rochester, NY area. We use our local knowledge to match Rochester job seekers with Rochester job opportunities.

AP Professionals of Rochester services Syracuse, NY on a case by case basis. AP also has offices in Buffalo, NY; Florida; Arizona; and Oregon. If you are interested in seeking employment in these locations, please contact your AP representative in Rochester and we can make the proper connection. If you are interested in employment outside of AP Professionals’ locations, we are able to connect you to a reputable national recruitment firm through our AAFA Network affiliation.

No, AP Professionals does not typically sponsor H-1B visas. Please let us know upfront that you require sponsorship so we can determine if options are available for you.

In Process

As they become available, AP Professionals will call you to discuss job opportunities that are a potential match with your education, experience, and skills. However, all of our available opportunities are posted on our job board and new opportunities are shared bi-weekly in our newsletter. If you are interested in an opportunity, contact your AP Professionals Recruiter directly.

Yes! We will continue to consider you for new job opportunities until you tell us otherwise. If you secure employment on your own, please contact your AP Professionals Recruiter directly and we will suspend communication and your job search.

This is not required, but the lines of communication are always open. If you are seeking contract or contract-to-hire employment you may check in weekly. If you are seeking direct hire employment you may check in biweekly.

AP Professionals will not share your resume without your knowledge, and you will always have a choice to decline job opportunities presented to you. We ask you to only accept employment that you can commit to for the entire duration and if it meets your expectations.


Prior to starting your new role, AP Professionals will provide you with as much information as possible about the responsibilities and company to make an informed decision. If your expectations are not met, please contact your AP Professionals Recruiter to discuss the matter and we will reach a solution together.

AP Professionals delivers payment via direct deposit on a weekly basis. However, if you would like to have your paycheck mailed to you or pick it up in our office in person we are able to accommodate.

AP Professionals offers benefits after 90 days of employment to temporary employees who are working more than 30 hours a week. It is a single coverage and affordable plan. AP Professionals will contact you upon eligibility.