Who is in Your Corner for Career Advancement?

Who is looking out for your best interest when it comes to career advancement?

You’re doing okay in your current role and feel well respected by peers and leaders at your current company. But, you often wonder, “what might be next for me?” or “could I be doing better elsewhere?”  You glance at job boards passively, but don’t see many roles that pique your interest. You know you should update your resume, but it always falls off your to-do list due to demands at work and home.

First, Look Out for Yourself

Set aside an hour and get your resume done. It should always be current, so you can respond when great opportunities present themselves. Once it’s updated, stay on it. Tweak it as your current role changes or you complete projects that are meaningful.

Then, Make it a Team Effort

External Recruiters – or Agencies, like AP Professionals – can be a very valuable complement to your search efforts. They work for and are paid by their client companies, but good Recruiters also feel an obligation to job seekers. To complete a successful hire, Recruiters need two things. They need both a client company with staffing need and a candidate willing to accept a position when offered. If the Recruiter has a good experience working with you exploring an opportunity they can be your ally for years to come.

A good Recruiter can provide a wealth of knowledge about a company and opportunity well beyond the position description. They will be able to tell you about the team you’d be working on, the hiring manager, and other important company information you wouldn’t likely find on your own. As a result, you are well prepared when you enter the interview process. Assuming the interviews go well and you move toward an offer, the Recruiter handles the negotiating of the offer for you. They will encourage the client company to extend an offer that is acceptable.

Once you have engaged with a Recruiter you like and trust, keep the communication open and honest. Whether the opportunity they share with you results in an offer or not, they will value and appreciate their relationship with you. When you are on their “short list” you will be top of mind as new search assignments surface. A good Recruiter will be your ‘eyes and ears’ to the hidden job market. They could share opportunities you would not likely be aware of on your own.

Written By:

Dave Miller

Dave Miller is a Placement Director for the Engineering & Operations Division. He focuses on business development and recruiting for mid to executive level contract and direct hire engineering and operations placement. Dave has over 25 years of agency and corporate recruiting experience, and is a graduate of Siena College. He joined the AP team in November of 2018.

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