The AP Way – a Foundation for Success

Taking Shortcuts to Save Time

Taking shortcuts to save time only equates to more work and time lost. Imagine this scenario:

A hiring manager’s internal HR recruiting team is stressed because they have not produced the “perfect fit” for a position in need. There is an immediate time crunch and further waiting is not an option. It is time to call an agency. The agency receives the job order, quickly qualifies it, and promises to send over the “perfect” candidate to start tomorrow – candidate unseen. The agency tells the client not to worry if that candidate is not the right solution, because they’ll get a credit for the day. Then, they’ll apply that credit to the next “perfect” candidate that the agency will send over tomorrow. And so it goes.

Building a Foundation for Success

If the client had called AP Professionals, their experience would have been much different. AP’s 25 years of success comes from slowing the process down so the right candidate is placed in the right seat the first time. Regardless of immediacy, slowing the process down to properly qualify the role, source vetted candidates, and set-up face-to-face interviews increases the odds of a successful placement.

We take the time to listen to what our clients want and submit only highly qualified candidates to choose from. Our process helps to ensure both customers – the candidate and client – are satisfied. A successful placement reduces attrition, and saves the client money and time in the long run.

We call this the AP Way. We consider this the right way.

The AP Way is believing that change is constant. Even so, people will always remain the most important asset of any business. When you work with AP Professionals on a placement opportunity, you can be sure  we have your best interest in mind.

Call us to experience it. It is the foundation of our success. 585-381-7350

Written By:

Matt Taylor, CPA

Matt is the Chief Executive Officer of AP Rochester. He is proud to lead a team of amazing recruiters that help companies find the best talent in the Upstate NY marketplace. Matt’s success comes from partnering with clients to determine their specific internal personnel needs, leveraging 12 years of his public accounting, large, and small company experience.

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