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I wrote this blog 3 years ago – months before COVID-19 arrived in March 2020, bringing with it tremendous change to the working world. How and where we work has changed, whether it’s remote, in-office or hybrid. We’ve seen unprecedented numbers of people changing jobs and even shifting their entire career paths.

We view our clients as partners with a shared goal. By keeping up with market drivers, our team is positioned to share important insights as well as connect you with the right talent. Below is a list of several things that will help you hire the best person for your Rochester job openings.

Keep Up With Competitive Wages

A trend that has continued over the last few years is the demand for competitive wages in every corner of the job market. In 2019, fast food wages reached 12.75 an hour. Just two weeks ago, at the local Perinton McDonald’s, the starting wage was listed at $16.25. That’s a 27% increase.

Competitive wages are front and center for Rochester job seekers, from the retail space to the office place. What the entry-level wage is this week could very well change by the end of the month, so employers have to stay up to date in order to attract and retain top talent in this extremely competitive marketplace.

Adjust Expectations for the Current Market

Managing expectations doesn’t mean compromising on the quality of your hire, but it’s important to remember that 10/10 is almost impossible. This 2022 job market is different from the market of 2019. Identify your needs, capabilities and where you’re able to adjust. It’s also important to share your expectations with candidates up front.

Right out of the gate, establish what you’re offering and what you expect from a new hire. This will help you make the best use of your time and will earn the respect of candidates you may want to work with down the road – even if now isn’t the right time. 

Keep An Open Mind About Job Seekers

If a candidate’s experience and skill set don’t match A-Z but they have a great personality, work ethic and some of the bullet points you are looking for, be open to interviewing the candidate. We try to cast a wide net because great hires can come from unexpected places: 

We interviewed a teacher with 9 year’s experience who had recently moved to town. Our team was very impressed, and knew she’d be a good fit for our client: a large Rochester law firm. After interviewing her themselves, they saw what we saw and made her an offer in their Legal Talent group. Now they want us to find another just like her even though she doesn’t fit the traditional mold.

Stay Fast and Focused

The market is competitive and time is of the essence. Have all the key people at the first interview, as you may not be able to get that candidate back for a second interview before they’re gone. Remember that this interview is your chance to share what makes your company the attractive choice. Focus on benefits, career development opportunities and company culture. Make sure those values are clearly communicated. 

Give quick and honest feedback to both the candidate and your recruiter, so we can fine tune our recommendations. 

We’re Here to Help You Navigate Changes

Rochester job seekers have options that they didn’t before March 2020. Expectations and needs are changing regularly and the market is extremely competitive. Here at AP Professionals, we’re on the phone 5 days a week with clients and candidates discussing workplace flexibility, in-office expectations and starting salaries. This can change in a week, so we make sure to keep those conversations active and up to date with the Rochester job market.

Our commitment to our clients remains steadfast: we help you attract and retain top talent, building lasting relationships in Rochester. Call us at (585) 381-7350 or reach out online to get started.

Written By:

Mark Pautler

Mark is the Founder of AP Professionals of Rochester. Mark founded AP in 1996, and has recruited and sold in the staffing industry since 1987. Mark also has ownership in our Buffalo, Arizona and Portland, OR offices.

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