How To Get Your Perfect Hire to Sign on the Dotted Line

AP Professionals recruiter on the phone with a candidate

Any hiring manager can relate to finding that one job candidate who almost seems too good to be true. They have the ideal mix of skills, experience and education. In their interview, they showed themselves to be a worthy addition to the team.

Though you’ve struck proverbial gold, finding the ideal candidate for a role is merely half the battle. The next step is getting them to sign on the dotted line and formally accept the role. To close the deal, you need to make a compelling case for why they belong on your team.

Communicate the Benefits

If a job offer is imminent, make sure to communicate the benefits and perks that the candidate will enjoy. Highlight how the position aligns with their career goals and how they will have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to your company. 

Emphasize unique value propositions: opportunities for career growth, training and career development, flexible working arrangements, and positive company culture.

Offer a Competitive Salary and Benefits Package

Your ideal candidate is likely being courted by other competitors, and pay is often the main dealbreaker. Make sure the compensation package you offer is competitive and matches their expectations.

Conduct research to ensure you’re offering a salary commensurate with their experience and the market rates for similar positions. Additionally, consider offering additional benefits or perks to make the role more attractive, such as bonuses, health insurance or retirement plans.

Be Flexible

Because candidates often have competing job offers, you need to demonstrate flexibility. Be willing to work around the candidate’s needs as much as possible. Be open and generous with their start date, work schedule and other details. Show the candidate that you value their time and effort by making it easy for them to accept the job offer.

Provide Opportunities to Get Better Acquainted

Invite them to meet key stakeholders and preview new resources/tools. Give them a chance to form personal connections with future colleagues and see themselves succeeding in the role and group. Build enthusiasm for potential opportunities before officially starting.

Address Any Concerns

If the candidate expresses concerns about the role or the company, take the time to address them. Discuss with them why the role is a good fit for their career goals. Do they have a clear understanding of their potential responsibilities and expectations? How do those fit into your company’s vision and mission?

If there are any potential challenges that the candidate may face in the role, be upfront and transparent about them. This will help build mutual trust and demonstrate your commitment to their success.

Make the Offer Personal

An impersonal job offer could lead a candidate to turn down a job and accept employment with someone else. A personalized offer letter written in a positive tone and communicating your excitement about their joining the team goes a long way. It shows you’ve invested time and thought into their candidacy and value their contribution to the team. 

Find the Perfect Hire Today

Providing consistent, focused contact from you and your company will remind your ideal candidate of your belief in their abilities and potential for success in this role. Ultimately, making it clear that while other offers may seem attractive, none can match the opportunity, support and career growth possible in this position at your organization.

Reinforce your commitment to finding the perfect hire for your organization by partnering with Advantage Professionals today. We take the time to listen and understand your needs so we can provide you with the ideal candidate for your role.