How to Rebuild Your Career After Being Laid Off

Life can change at any moment, so we should always be prepared for the unexpected. Being able to adapt to any situation is a valuable skill to have, especially in your career. If you’ve been laid off before, or if you were recently, don’t worry! There are steps you can take to jumpstart your job search and get yourself back on the path to a thriving career. Join us as we discuss what you should do to get your career moving again.

Reassess Your Goals

Being laid off may sound scary, but never fear – finding a new job is possible with the right strategy. Losing your job presents an opportunity to take a moment and reflect on what matters to you. Maybe now is the right time to switch your career path entirely; there’s nothing wrong with a fresh start. Think about what you enjoyed most about your last job and consider what aspects of it you would change. A recruitment agency can help you set new career goals as you plan your next career move.

Find a Mentor

There are many others who have been in your position and have successfully taken the next step in their careers. Getting connected with someone who has navigated a layoff could prove invaluable, both in terms of advice and moral support. Taking advantage of LinkedIn or reaching out to former colleagues is an effective way to seek help and motivation during this time. No matter what obstacle you are facing, you will get through it with the right help. 

Treat Your Job Search Like Your Job

By now, you should have a good idea of what is important to you in your next role. Every day, set aside time to complete job search tasks, such as working on your resume, filling out job applications and networking. Once you have a routine going, you’ll be surprised how productive you become. Staying organized during this time is also important. Setting daily goals can help you stay engaged.

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