Staying Local: Perks of Working in Rochester

Rochester Skyline

Rochester has big city perks and a small town feel. Here’s some data about why working in Rochester is ideal.

Purchasing Power 

Purchasing power refers to the amount of goods and services that can be purchased with a unit of currency. Here’s a simpler way to say it: bang for your buck. Numbeo (a site that uses real time data to compare statistics) gives Rochester, NY a 98.2 in this category which is “high.” In other words, your hard earned money goes further in Rochester. For comparison, this figure was higher than Philadelphia PA, Brooklyn NY, and Memphis TN. 

Low Cost of Housing 

The above data does not factor in rent or housing costs. According to though, Rochester is killing it in the housing market too. The city came in 33rd on a list of the top housing markets in the nation. It beat out cities like Austin, Raleigh, and Richmond. 

Excellent Schools 

Rochester has long been known for its great schools, often ranking high on national lists. According to ‘U.S. News,’ out of about 18,000 public high schools that were ranked, many of Rochester’s were in the top few hundred. 

Green Space 

Rochester boasts great parks and outdoor spaces and it isn’t hard to see why. Rochester is one of four cities in the world that has parks designed by the famous designer, Frederick Law Olmstead. Olmstead is the father of outdoor architecture and famously designed New York City’s Central Park. Including the two parks designed by Olmstead, Rochester has over 3500 acres of nationally recognized parks. 


Part of what fuels Rochester’s events, activities and nightlife is the fact that the median age of its residents is about 40. One quarter of Rochester’s population is under 20. Rochester is a young city and a great place to socialize, raise a family, and find community. 

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