The Exciting Industries Lighting Up Rochester’s Hiring Market

Rochester, NY skyline

There’s plenty to be proud of about the history of Rochester, N.Y.. Rochester is the birthplace of several successful companies, including Bausch + Lomb, Eastman Kodak and Xerox. These companies have set industry standards and paved the way for other enterprises in subsequent decades.

In 2023, Rochester continues expanding its commercial footprint through several other industries, propelling the regional hiring market as an attractive destination for job seekers.

Here are some industries to keep an eye on.


The healthcare industry is one of the largest employers in Rochester, with several world-class hospitals and medical centers located in the city. The University of Rochester Medical Center has over 20,000 employees

Other notable employers in Rochester include Rochester Regional Health as well as Highland Hospital and Strong Memorial Hospital — both are affiliates of the University of Rochester Medical Center).

As healthcare organizations increasingly rely on technology to manage patient data and streamline operations, there’s also a need for skilled IT professionals who can design, develop and maintain healthcare software and systems.


Manufacturing has long been a key industry in Rochester, and the region is home to several world-class manufacturing companies. According to Greater Rochester Enterprise (GRE), there are more than 1,500 manufacturers in the region, employing more than 60,000 people

Rochester is headquarters to or leading employer for other major segment names, including the Harris Corporation, Sherwin-Williams, GE, Goulds Pumps, Calvary Robotics and others. In recent years, there’s been a growing emphasis on advanced manufacturing in Rochester, home of the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Center for Advanced Technology and Center of Excellence in Advanced and Sustainable Manufacturing.


What is photonics? It’s the physical science of light waves and other radiant energies where the photon is its primary quantum unit. The Rochester region is home to several photonics companies, including Luminate, a world-class accelerator for optics, photonics and imaging startups, plus the AIM Photonics TAP Facility focused on advancing the field of integrated photonics.

As photonics technology becomes increasingly important in fields such as telecommunications, healthcare and manufacturing, photonics companies in Rochester are actively hiring for roles in engineering, research and development and manufacturing, among others.


Several notable technology companies are located in the Rochester region. One of the largest employers in the area is Paychex, a leading provider of payroll and human resource solutions. Others include Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, Windstream Communications and ITX Corp.

There’s also a growing demand for software development and cybersecurity professionals in Rochester. As companies increasingly rely on technology to drive their operations, skilled professionals are needed to design, develop and maintain software systems and ensure that sensitive data is kept secure.


Several notable institutions are located in the Rochester region, including the University of Rochester, a world-renowned research institution with a strong focus on healthcare, engineering and the arts. The Rochester Institute of Technology is another leading research institution with a strong focus on technology, engineering and design.

In addition to higher education, there are also several excellent K-12 schools in Rochester, including the Rochester City School District, which serves over 24,000 students. There is a growing demand for skilled educators in the region, particularly in STEM fields, as well as for administrators and support staff in schools.

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