Tools to Help You Succeed

AP Professionals has the tools to help you succeed. From assistance in resume writing to personal brand creation, we have the knowledge and resources to help you succeed. Over 21 years of experience and thoughtful research is available to you.


Preparing for an interview? Read through our interview tips from experts such as our very own founder, Joe Kreuz:

“What means most to interviewers? Tell them what you are good at, not what you are responsible for.” 

Whether you are facilitating an interview or going through the interview process, it is crucial to prepare potential interview questions. Just as you would if preparing for an exam, you’ll feel more confident stepping into the interview room knowing you studied the material. Many interview questions assess not only behavioral traits, but also emotional intelligence. Read through potential interview questions to prepare answers to questions like:

“Tell me a time in which you felt it was necessary to change your actions in order to respond to the needs of another person”

Before you land the interview, you need to have a solid resume. Your resume should show your individuality; don’t be generic. Highlight your achievements and what separates you as a winner. Don’t forget basic formatting:

“DO use standard size white or gray paper only, draft, edit, spellcheck, and proofread, and leave plenty of white space and adequate margins,

DON’T use gimmicks, colored paper, pictures, or wordy cover letters.”


Use these tools and follow our guidelines to find success, but know your resume and first (and last) impression in an interview are just two ways to build your personal brand. Your brand not only sets you apart in a sea of candidates, but provides distinction in your career.  Self-manage your career mindset and always think about where you’re going and how you’re getting there; career management is an ongoing activity.

“Be your own boss – controlling your destiny, finding and seizing opportunities, and marching up the ramp of advancement.”

The “Right Fit”

At AP, our goal is to create the best match between your skills and aspirations and the needs of our clients. When you have your best resume and a strong career mindset, we can quickly and accurately match you with the “right fit.” You’ll be prepared for the interview and have your best chance to land a top opportunity ensuring your career satisfaction.