What 28 Years in Rochester Recruiting has Taught Us

For nearly three decades, AP has served as trusted recruiters in Rochester, NY. Quite a bit has changed over these last 30 years. As we look back, three enduring lessons emerge as the pillars of our sustained success and continued growth.

Lesson One: Relationships Reign Supreme

In an era before the digital revolution, AP thrived on the strength of personal connections. The process was straightforward: fax a resume, follow up with a call, and candidates could be interviewing the next day. Despite technological advancements, AP CEO Matt Taylor says, “the emphasis on relationships is just as strong.”

As the tools of communication have evolved, so has AP’s approach to fostering these vital connections. The trust built over the years remains a constant – a precious commodity in the recruitment industry. It’s a simple truth that AP has embraced: while the mediums change, the value of genuine, trust-based relationships endures.

Lesson Two: Organic Growth Drives Service Expansion

AP began as a staffing agency focused on temporary placements in Accounting and Finance, and over time, it has expanded its portfolio to include direct hire services, including the C-suite and executive-level engagements, across various disciplines such as HR, engineering, operations, IT and sales. This growth was not a mere strategic pivot but a natural progression led by the needs of the community and the ingenuity of team members who dared to ask clients “what else do you need?”

The ability to adapt and expand services, including offering outsource consulting services with a bench of talent ready to deploy, has allowed AP to serve its clients more comprehensively. By investing time and asking the right questions, AP has developed a keen understanding of its clients’ evolving needs and has continuously adapted to meet them.

As our candidates’ careers grew and our clients’ needs evolved, we did, too.

Lesson Three: Integrity and Excellence Define Success

Our foundation is built on the ethos of treating people with respect and striving for excellence in all our endeavors. This approach has been the cornerstone of AP’s success. We believe in treating every client and candidate as our customer, providing them with the attention and service they deserve.

“We take pride in the ethics with which we approach each relationship,” Taylor says, “and in the reputation we’ve built over the years.” We’re not perfect, but our commitment is to the long term. If we make a mistake, or if a placement doesn’t work out the way we expect it to, we keep our promise to make it right. 

By consistently doing the right thing, we’ve turned clients into candidates and candidates into clients, fostering a robust network that grows with us.

Where We Grow From Here

These lessons have not only defined our past but will continue to shape our future. With an average tenure of 11 years amongst our 17 employees, we remain committed to the relationships we’ve built and the ethics that define meaningful Rochester recruitment. 

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