What to Look For In A Company Throughout Your Internship

Interns have a lot of exciting opportunities ahead of them, but without the right job search tips or internship tips, they may not know what is available or what to look for. Our recruiters work with interns year-round to provide valuable job search tips and opportunities to fit into a strong company culture that matches their long-term career goals. Here are some things to look for when job searching during an internship.

Company Culture

Company culture and work environment are hugely important factors to look for throughout your career. Make sure the culture is supportive and inclusive, not cutthroat or hyper-competitive. During interviews, observe how employees interact with you and with each other. If people seem generally pleasant and happy to be there, chances are you’ll be in a good landing spot. 

It is also worth asking about the company’s values. This can tell you how integral the values are to the operations of the company, and it can show how they are reflected in the day-to-day of the firm, rather than just being words on a website. After all, you want a company culture that you’re excited to be part of.

Learning and Growth Opportunities

Many job search tips may leave out the idea of growth opportunities. While you are applying for one position, it is important to think about your future at said company. If you know that you have opportunities to learn and grow professionally, and you can realistically be promoted, then you will know that is a place where goals are available and you have something to look forward to for years to come. 

During your internship, you’ll be learning a lot about the industry you’re in and how to use different software, how to speak the lingo of the industry and how to do your job well. But your full-time career after your internship should also provide ample learning opportunities. Look for a structured program that goes beyond doing grunt work. These internship tips apply for the short-term duration of your current position as well as for the long-term future of your career.


While you won’t be leading major initiatives as an intern, you should get some hands-on responsibility now so you can look for similar opportunities in the future. Look for opportunities during your internship that allow you to own projects, make recommendations and contribute in a meaningful way. Incorporate that experience into your resume and your full-time job interviews. You want tasks that let you demonstrate and develop your skills. Having real responsibility will provide valuable experience to draw on later.

Being a leader and taking on responsibilities, no matter how big or small, will help you stand out as a top candidate in the market, which is one of the best job search tips we can offer!

Start Your Internship, Start Your Career

By evaluating these factors when job seeking during your internship, you can find one that accelerates your career growth and gets you off to a strong start after college. An internship with AP is a chance to prove yourself, gain experience in your industry and begin building your professional network. 

When you team up with the recruiters at AP, you’ll join a company who helps place candidates to new roles every day. You’ll quickly gain hands-on experience working within the industry, and your network will strengthen during your career search. We can help you with job search tips, internship tips and full-time career searching. If you’re looking for new opportunities after graduation, join AP’s internship program and jumpstart your career today.