Hiring Etiquette When Onboarding New Talent

So you’re looking to hire more talent for your team – congratulations! The job market boasts some exceptionally talented candidates.

Unfortunately, many companies are so focused on making the hire that they don’t consider proper hiring etiquette along the way. The subtle ins and outs of the hiring process go a long way towards helping a candidate feel they will be joining a good company.

How can your organization refine their hiring protocol to attract quality employees? Let’s find out.

Map Out Your Ideal Candidate

Knowing what your ideal candidate looks like before they walk in the door makes the hiring process that much more swift. It also conveys confidence – if a promising hire senses that you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, they may worry about the decision-making process within the business.

If you are unsure what your ideal candidate looks like, consider your current colleagues. What traits do they have that you’d like to see more of? Where are the gaps within your organization? A qualified recruiter can help you flesh out some of these details.

Clarify Job Duties

When communicating with candidates, clarify the job duties and what your company needs as much as possible. What are the role’s day-to-day responsibilities? What does six months look like at your company? Twelve? What is the projected impact of the role? Who will they be working with and what opportunities for growth can they expect?

Communicate Compensation and Benefits

Great candidates don’t want to feel like they are being scammed. If your potential hire has made it to the final round of the interview process only to discover that the compensation is well below what they expected, it will result in frustration and wasted time for all parties.

Being clear about job compensation and benefits isn’t just necessary, it’s kind. Conduct market research and provide a salary commensurate with experience. If you are unable to pinpoint an exact dollar amount at this time, an estimate is always better than nothing.

Personalize the Experience

Not only does tailoring the hiring process to the job seeker give you both a chance to get more acquainted, it shows that you have invested time in them and that they matter.

There are many ways to personalize the hiring experience, such as working to understand the candidate’s career goals, letting them know what impressed you about their background, or simply by showing enthusiasm.

Consider Working With Executive Search Firms

A clear, communicative and efficient hiring process can determine whether or not your dream hire actually accepts the role. Leveraging a recruiter can help you clearly convey job duties, personalize the experience and streamline the hiring process so that you find your perfect fit.For over 25 years, AP Professionals has helped companies find and retain exceptional talent. Let’s work together and make the hiring process easier for everyone.