Help Us, Help You With Your Staffing Needs!

Have a Staffing Need?

We definitely know that when you have a staffing need that time can be of the essence. More than likely you have just been presented with an opening that you were not expecting OR you have exhausted your resources and need to call the experts in the field. There is no need to panic! We are here to help ease the burden of filling your staffing needs! There are times when we are in the rush to call or email, some crucial pieces of information are missing that could hold up the process of sourcing candidates for you. While we realize that your goal is to get it off your plate and move on with other business, we do need some pertinent information in order to be a successful partner/resource to you.

What Information Is Needed?

We have devised a list of “must haves” to get the sourcing process going. If you” help us” by providing the appropriate information necessary this will allow us to “help you” in a timely and efficient manner. Getting a quality candidate in a reasonable timeframe is our ultimate goal!

Your List of “Must Haves”

Here is a list of items that are always helpful to provide the recruiter when you need assistance with your staffing needs:

1. Job Title
2. Job Description
3. Classification of the job (full or part time and is it temporary, temp-hire or direct)
4. Hours of the position and length of lunch time
5. Why is the position open?
6. What is your target start date?
7. If this is a temporary position how long do you expect it to last?
8. What is the pay rate?
9. Is this a direct send in, resume submittal, phone screen or personal interview situation?
10. Who is to receive the resumes?
11. Are there any pre-employment requirements (background, drug, fingerprint, PPD, etc.)?
12. If interviews will take place, it is beneficial to provide specific dates and times you are available to meet with candidates.
13. When an interview is scheduled, providing the names and titles of the people who will conduct the interviews along with the exact location.

As always, we look forward to working with all of our clients and hope that this list helps you with the process! We are here to support you in any way that we can.

Written By:

Ann Leahy

Ann is a Placement Director on the Business Administration team. She focuses on contract, contract to hire, and direct hire administrative/office support and marketing positions that range from entry to executive level placements within the Rochester area. Ann has 20 years’ experience in the staffing industry, and joined AP Professionals in 2002.

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